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IMPORTANT Nagsasa Cove Campout Information

posted Mar 15, 2015, 4:00 PM by assistantsm.troop352@faith.edu.ph   [ updated Mar 15, 2015, 4:01 PM ]
Good Day Parents!

We are excited about the upcoming trip to Nagsasa Cove. We have tried to estimate finances as best we can and hopefully you will find this spreadsheet and document to be helpful. Each individual and family's expenses are itemized on the spreadsheet. refer to the document for any explanation. Rachel Rae will be our collector/finance person for this trip.

There is LOTS of important information here, so please carefully read through this entire email.

Related to both cooking and finances, we will pay for a shelter for the boys out of troop funds. We will also do firewood and some special desserts out of troop funds.

This should be a memorable trip since so many families are participating! Thank you for your involvement. Please pray for good weather!

Thank you,
Mike Tripp, Assistant Scoutmaster

Questions: Email Mike Tripp at mikedianetripp@gmail.com.

ICE!!! and WATER!!!

We will bring 2 large coolers for the boys' food. Each patrol will have its own cooler, but since we need to keep food fresh for 3 days, we need BLOCK ICE.

I would like to request EACH SCOUT FAMILY to freeze (BEGIN NOW AS IT TAKES A WHILE) a BLOCK of ICE from DRINKING WATER and bring Thursday morning to Faith.

We use plastic cracker containers (or ice cream half-gallon or one gallon containers) to freeze filtered drinking water in a block. Then we keep the ice in the plastic covered in the cooler. It lasts about 3 days and when it thaws, it is drinkable water.

If you don't have anything like that, tupperware works - just label it with your name so it gets back to you. OR thick plastic bags work but the water may be lost over time. Ice cubes melt quickly and are only effective about 1 day.

WATER - you should plan to bring at least one gallon per person per day in your family. Running water is available for washing/bathing, but not advisable for drinking. We will bring four 5 gallon jugs of water for scouts. If you bring enough for your family (including your scout son) it will help bridge the gap.

It is highly advisable to have a personal water bottle which you refill because we are at the beach. Expect it to be hot, especially now with Summer here in the Philippines.


Here is a link to a Google Maps map and directions to Barangay Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales. That is our jumping-off point where we catch a banca to the campsite.


We will take NLEX to the SCTEX to Subic, then North on local roads to San Antonio and follow signs to Pundaquit. Google Maps estimates 2.5 hours (but typically does not account for Manila traffic). I predict much slower, but we shall see.

We will leave Faith at 6AM sharp, so we will assemble at Faith at 5:15AM on Thursday, March 19 as there will be significant packing/reshuffling of people and gear.

ONE NOTE: Our route from Faith will take us past our home to NLEX, so I will pick up Diane and our younger kids at the house on the way. This is not a sidetrip, we are very near the main route.


This document is the one that I use as a checklist for our family outings. The first page is more scout-related. The next pages are more suited for a family. I am sending it for anyone to use or modify as they may need. It helps me to make sure that whatever I decide to bring or not bring, at least it is because I intentionally decided and didn't just forget. It is a detailed list and I NEVER bring everything - each trip depends on the location, activity, etc., but I hate to reinvent each time, so this is my one list to cover as much as possible. Use, modify or discard. Hope it helps.

ALSO - here are some links to some ideas for camp cooking in case you would like to stretch your creativity:

By the way, the troop has 6 Pie Irons - long handled irons which enclose dough or bread with stuff between to make various main dishes, sandwiches or desserts. Past scout trips have been fun cooking with these when not pressed for time. We will bring them along and either one family or one patrol could use them per meal at a time. At one campout, we did several meals entirely with these. Good fun for kids, but you need an open fire or charcoal- not stove. Here are some recipe ideas:

ANOTHER COOKING TIP: We often prep meals ahead and freeze them in plastic bags, then just reheat at camp. Works fine if you have a cooler and saves effort at camp. More prep though. But worth it. In this way you can have most of your everyday recipes without too much adaptation.