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Wave Pool Camp-out Feb 13-14

posted Feb 2, 2015, 7:22 PM by Committee Chair Troop 352
Dear Parents,
We will be going on a Camp-out Feb 13-14. Here is the Info. We will need to know a definite reply from your son at the Scout Meeting Feb 10th.

Feb 13-14th  Cindad Christhia Resort- 9 Waves Camp-Out in San Mateo


Activities: Swimming, Wave pool, Climbing Wall


Leave after school on Feb 13th Return by 2pm on Saturday Feb 14th



Resort and pool use: P800

Climbing wall:            P160

Food:                         P300

Travel:                       P100


Total: P1360


Dad’s cost P1200 unless they want to climb.


What to bring: Swimsuit, tsinelas, towel, sleeping bag, sunscreen, pillow, bowl, cup, spoon, flashlight, Bible, change of dry clothes.


Yes _________________will be going.


Yes____________________, the dad, will also be going.