Merit Badges

Counselors List

If you have a question or would like to work on a badge for which there is not counselor listed, please contact our Merit Badge Coordinator, Mrs. Diane Tripp using the information on the right or the Contact Troop 352 form.

To earn the rank of Eagle Scout, 21 or more merit badges must be earned, with 13 or more coming from the list of Eagle Merit Badges. On the left below are the badge pamphlets for many of the "regular" merit badges. On the right below are the badge pamphlets for the "eagle" merit badges.

Badge pamphlets provide a list of the requirements for the badge as well as information needed to complete the badge. It is advised that each scout read the badge pamphlet for each merit badge the seek to earn.

Along with the pamphlets is a corresponding worksheet that each scout can use to track their progress on the merit badge. These worksheets can be downloaded from the official website.

Merit Badge Pamphlets

Eagle Badge Pamphlets